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Wanbo T6 MAX Projector

Wanbo T6 MAX Projector
Wanbo T6 MAX Projector
Wanbo T6 MAX Projector
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Wanbo T6 MAX Projector
Wanbo T6 MAX Projector
Wanbo T6 MAX Projector
Wanbo T6 MAX Projector
Native 1080P Full HD
550 ANSI Lumens high brightness
2GB+16GB and Android 9.0
Al voice control
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  • Brand: Wanbo
  • Model: Wanbo T6 MAX
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Brightness550 ANSI Lumens high brightness
Contrast Ratio2000:1
Dimensions110 x 140 x 150mm
Display TypeLCD
Image SizeMin. Image/Screen Size (Inch): 40 Inch
Max. Image/Screen Size (Inch): 120 Inch
Light SourceLED
Power19V 3A
Power Supply19V 3A
Projection DistanceMin. Projection Distance: 1.5 Meter
Max. Projection Distance: 3 Meter
Resolution1080p (1920 x 1080)
Video Formats1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
AudioAudio Formats : ACC、FLAC、MP2、MP3、WAV、OGG..
Built-in Speaker : 3W x 2
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Lamp DetailsType : LED Lamp Life : 20000h
Manufacturing Warranty01 Year Service Warranty


Wanbo T6 MAX Projector

Today more and more young people are starting to choose portable projectors as one of the main ways of home entertainment, in fact, compared to traditional projectors I think portable projectors have several great highlights.

The first is portability, today you want to see the projection in the bedroom, tomorrow you want to see it in the living room, sometimes it’s more convenient to rent a room or go camping outdoors portable projector, it’s exactly the kind of thing you can say you’re going.

The second is practicality, portable projectors are different from professional projectors that need curtains or anti-light screens to use, portable projectors can be cast directly on the wall, as long as the light-colored wallpaper or large white walls can be used directly.

The third is to have a strong interactive, because the traditional home projector needs a fixed installation, always can not often let people come to your home to watch movies, and portable projector is different, it does not have to distinguish the occasion, as long as there is a piece of wall or bed sheet can watch movies.

In terms of appearance, the Wanbo T6 Max projector has a pure white body, which is basically a pure white design style among the portable projectors I’ve come across because the white design can blend in with most home styles, and the panel at the top of the machine is equipped with a very large camera, the whole design style is very much like the little yellow man, the cute body is very popular with young people The whole design style is very much like the little yellow man, the cute body is very popular among young people.

In the back of the body, first of all, the bottom is a large area of openings, where the internal speakers and cooling openings, after all, the projector’s heat dissipation will directly affect the service life, in terms of cooling absolutely can not be ambiguous, in addition to the top of the interface in order to two USB ports, power supply interface, headphone interface, and HDMI high-definition interface, almost to meet the needs of our lives.

In terms of processor, Wanbo T6 Max adopts Amlogic T972, quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture, with a frequency of 1.9GHz, compared to the previous generation of 1.5GHz T962 performance increased by 63%, in addition with 2GB + 16GB memory combination plan, the installation of third-party APP no pressure at all.


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What is the price of Wanbo T6 MAX Projector in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Wanbo T6 MAX Projector in Bangladesh is ৳ 27,400 . You can buy the Wanbo T6 MAX Projector at best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms.