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Stock: In Stock Model: W-10
Takstar W-10 Microphone Windscreen The Takstar W-10 is a windscreen designed for side-address microphones of large size. It minimizes wind noise and other noises. It has no warranty...
৳ 350
Stock: In Stock Model: ST-105
Takstar ST-105 Microphone Tripod ST-105 is a metal folding tripod for microphones. It is built with good quality material. It is very strong and has good stability. It is very light weighted and easy to carry. It has no warranty..
৳ 390
Stock: In Stock Model: PS-1
Takstar PS-1 Microphone Pop Screen Takstar PS-1 is a windscreen used for reducing wind noise during close vocal reproduction. It has a noise prevention net that filters out excess vibration noise, wind and air. You can adjust the noise and other messy signals to achieve the original sound reproduct..
৳ 1,000
Stock: In Stock Model: CH-58
Takstar CH-58 Microphone ClampThe Takstar CH-58 is a clamp for holding most cylindrical bodied microphones including Takstar instrument condenser microphones. CH-58 uses a special plastic microphone clip with an inner diameter range of 20-25mm. It is suitable for professional condenser microphones (..
৳ 750
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