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Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro

Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro
  • Capacity: 10000mAh
  • 18W fast charging
  • USB-C Output
  • Dual Output
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    • Brand: Xiaomi
    • Model: Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank


    Power Bank
    Battery capacity10000mAh
    CompatibleSmartphones and tablets from Mi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, iPod
    Input12 В / 9В / 5V
    Output12 В / 9В / 5V
    Size128,5 * 75 * 12.6 mm
    TypeLithium-ion rechargeable cell
    USBUSB2.0, USB Type-C, two-way fast charging
    Weight223 g


    Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro

    Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro to ensure your gadgets are always working properly, no matter how far you are planning to go in your journey Xiaomi has developed the Mi Power Bank with USB Type-C. In the package, there is included a special adapter, which is designed to adapt to Мі 5 smartphones and to the new MacBook for easy and unhindered use of Power Bank 10000mAh Type-C.

    USB Type-C charging

    The micro USB cable comes with a Type-C adapter for a wide range of charging options that support phones,

    tablets, notebooks, and more. Simply pair with your own cable to charge iOS devices.

    12.58mm thin

    Sleek and slim, it is 42% thinner than the regular

    10000mAh Mi Power Bank and only 2.68mm thicker than

    the 5000mAh Mi Power Bank despite having

    twice the capacity.

    18W fast charging both ways

    Whether it's charging others or getting charged,

    10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro moves fast.

    With up to 18W fast charging, it intelligently adjusts power

    output to safely charge each connected device.

    Up to 93% conversion rate

    Optimized charging/discharging efficiency

    World-class chips are not only safer, but they also improve charging conversion rates and stabilize discharging voltage.

    With advanced resistance-capacitance sensors, 10000mAh Mi Power Bank is more durable and optimizes charging efficiency.

    Feels exceptional in the hand

    CNC edges + Double anodized aluminum

    The double anodized aluminum case has a matte,

    polished and extremely smooth surface for better hand feel.

    Comes with shiny CNC-finished edges - a design

    typically reserved for premium smartphones.

    Aluminum metal case

    High-precision CNC cutting tools are used to create the integrated aluminum case,

    which has a high structural strength that can withstand collisions and

    up to 2000 pressure impacts.

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    What is the price of Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro in Bangladesh?

    The Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro is Out Of Stock now. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro at the best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms When the product available.